Conscious Parenting Isn’t A Checkbox 

Parenting’s tricky enough. Conscious parenting? Sounds daunting.

Where do I even start? Is it possible? Is it just an ideal that sounds great on paper but not in practice? Good lord what does it even mean? 

I didn’t where to start. I’m afraid of even trying because I might fail. Then I realized that maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Parenting (conscious or not) is a journey. Every day, every interaction, every incident is a lesson. Lessons that teach me about me, and me about her. Why do we expect things to be consistent and perfect? We are in flux all the time. I’ll never get Me right, or Her right all the time. Our decisions are greatly affected by our moods and the events that happen around us. So… can I allow that change? Can I allow lessons? Can I let go of the need to have to get it right all the time?

Maybe the answer lies in understanding that this conscious parenting thing is a journey, not a destination or a checkbox. That progress and setbacks can coexist. That I don’t have the right answers or make the right decision every time. That a journey entails trial and error, and requires a bold mix of humility, guts, authenticity and love.

Conscious Parenting Isn’t A Checkbox 

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