I have a strong desire to embark on this conscious parenting thingamajig but didn’t know where to start when I gave birth to my first kid. Conscious parenting sounds like a really intimidating life mission. 

It’s lofty and intangible.

It’s demanding and challenging.

It doesn’t have clear cut ‘How-Tos’ and steps.

It doesn’t make parenting sound easier than the nightmare it seems to be. In fact, it conscious parenting sounds like a suicide attempt.

This blog is an attempt to break the whole darn thing down into daily bite-sized bits: Honest insights, simple practices, daily observations. Let go of the idea that conscious parenting means having to be a perfect parent, and embrace this journey of trials, celebrations, ups and downs, tears, laughter and lots of screaming.

This is my conscious parenting journey, and I promise to allow it to be the adventure that it is.


About Me: I’m many things – a Mom, a wife, a businesswoman, a professional Coach, a consultant and trainer, a daughter, sister, friend, project partner, a mentor, a leader and a child of the Universe.

I started my personal journey in self-work since 2003. I was lucky enough to cross paths with teachers who showed me the path of the light. Becoming a parent is a tall order because now, who I am shapes directly another person’s life. That impact is beyond what I experience with my students, clients, family and friends. I’m a believer in freedom. We all have the right to be our best selves – to Ourself, to others, to the world. Being always conscious of our impact on each other in all our roles is that little bit we can all do to make this journey together more authentic, fulfilling and purposeful.