Here are some resources that I’ve found to be truly useful in my conscious parenting journey. Everything shared here has been tried and applied personally (on myself or on my kid) and I found helpful enough to recommend to fellow parents. Enjoy!

To read

To attend

Emotion and Body Code clearing sessions by Rimi Yoshida (Singapore)

What: A light, fast and effective detox method that zooms in on imbalances or blockages that affect your mental, emotional, physical and energetical health. Rimi can support you in clearing them in person, over Skype or through email. Clearing can also be done for your child with yourself (the parent) acting as a proxy.

How it helps conscious parenting: An energy cleansing in session #1 helped me to secure a business deal the same day (always a yay to more income right?) An occasional detox helps to reduce the unconscious effects our blockages and imbalances have on our parenting behaviors. Taking care of self also returns energy to us parents so that we are in ‘tip top’ state as often as possible, for ourselves and our children.

HypnoBirthing Classes by ChildBirth Odyssey (Singapore)

What: Unlearn the social BS surrounding birthing and learn the right (aka ‘natural’) mindset and techniques to empower our body’s natural ability to birth. HypnoBirthing is a method offered by many practitioners – I attended my classes with Yen from CO.

How it helps conscious parenting:¬†Birthing is a trauma to a baby, and sometimes to a mother too. We can be in control to eliminate or at least reduce the fear and its impact on ourselves and our babies by learning how to birth ‘right’ (aka the way nature prescribed). I insisted on a drug-free birth after learning how medication affects a newborn. The methods and mindset I learnt from HB helped me keep to that promise despite the pressure during delivery! You can read about my experience here