Conscious Parenting: The Best Present Is Your Presence

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We express our love in many ways. Sometimes in simple ways like kisses and hugs, and sometimes in embellished ways like a romantic dinner, expensive gifts and surprise getaways.

We each express our love in different ways (The ‘5 languages of Love‘ is a great, revealing read) in an attempt to connect to the other person, but there’s a universal way that I’ll assert we all don’t do enough of:

Looking directly into the other person’s eyes.

We often look around, into the air with our hands gesturing, whilst multi-tasking, through online messages and emails instead, whilst walking or facing in opposite directions…. the list is quite long in actuality if you begin to observe the way you communicate.

Seldom do we look squarely – but gently, and lovingly – into one’s eyes. It’s a small move that delivers an immense impact: The acknowledgement of the other person’s presence.

Today, to express your love for your spouse and kids, just do this 1 thing: Count the number of times you looked them in the eye to acknowledge the amazing connection between you both that you’re blessed with this lifetime.

The best present you can give someone, is the gift of being present.


Conscious Parenting: The Best Present Is Your Presence

Conscious Parenting Encourages Authenticity

Instead of:

  • Obsessing over conformity, perfect behaviour and outward appearances, I will encourage genuineness in my child.
  • Praising compliance, I will praise the courage to be authentic.
  • Demanding obedience, I will encourage self-expression.

~ “Shifting from ‘Goodness’ to Authenticity”, The Awakened Family by Shefali Tsabary

Conscious Parenting Encourages Authenticity